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Let Me Help You Build Out Your Strategy At The VIP Day!


you relinquished your career to God? Can you imagine the trajectory of your career if God was in the drivers seat?


Hearing & Understanding Your Seasons


Opportunities Finding You


Continual Advancement


Unmerited Favor


you understood when to stay at a job, when that season was over, when and how to ask for a raise?

That’s walking in alignment with God in the workplace, feeling contentment at every stage, and being taken care of every step of the way.


your career allowed flexibility and the financial resources to give into Kingdom business, provide for your family, and allow for those occasional vacations / retreats away?

Earning $15k, $30k, $50k more

Full Match on Retirement Savings

Annual Bonuses

Time Flexibility

Giving from Abundance


…counting yourself out

…saying that it is impossible

…being discontented

…sabotaging God’s plan for your life


…sitting in rooms God is calling you to

…earning MORE!

…believing God can and will do it for YOU!

I am inviting you to



What is VIP Day @ The BoardRoom? 

A One Day Accelerator Program to Reset your Career trajectory, shatter your Income Ceiling, understand God’s plan for your career, and build your confidence to excel in the workplace.

Kingdom Mindset

You will understand:

  • The mind of God for you in the workplace

  • When to leave or when to stay and grow

  • What is humility and its power

  • What is a growth mindset

  • Removal of self-doubt and shifting into unshakeable faith

And much more…

Total Rewards

You will:

  • Identify and break your salary ceiling

  • Shifting from poverty to abundance

  • Understanding total rewards so you won’t leave anything on the table

  • How to build generational wealth

  • Learn how to build your financial portfolio

And much more…

Career Strategy

You will learn how to:

  • Complete your current state assessement

  • Identify your unique value in the workplace

  • Define your brand statement

  • Pivot your career

  • Set your near and mid-term career goals

And much more…

This upcoming media personality who does work in producing shows wanted some tips on increasing her income.

"OMG! I did exactly what you said, went to my manager, and got the salary increase.  Thank you, you are such a blessing"


Media & Entertainment Industry

“I just wanted to say thank you. With the help you gave me, I revamped my resume and I have been getting call backs straight away. Even companies who passed on me before.”

Less than one month later, this Fashion Operations Manager started her new job!


Fashion Industry

This highly educated overachiever was ready to go back to grad school to earn a second masters. My blunt career advice changed that course for the better.

“Hey, I got that job at <<the company>> you recommended.” (3 years later) “Just letting you know Google offered me a job.”


Mgmt Consulting & Tech Industry

After getting separated, laid off, church rejection, divorce, and spending all my savings to open a salon only to close it months later, I was ALL the way DONE!


Then I heard the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear “Go Back” and I knew what that meant. Within a week, I got a job but it only paid $10.70 / hour yet I was content. It wasn’t much but my trajectory changed. 

From that moment God began teaching me how to keep Him first in my career and that resulted in my salary growing exponentially… continually!

almost 600% in 10 years


over 200% in the last 5 years

(plus additional contributions to my retirement savings)

(plus…all while being a single mom)


I want the SAME and more for you!

What you will learn has lead others to increasing their salary by $10k, $15K, $30k in one shot!


These Gems Are

Over $10k in Value!


But You Pay:


The BoardRoom VIP Day

is for you if:

Your career has been stagnant for some time now and you’re ready to advance!

You’re ready to increase your salary & total compensations!

You are ready to step into rooms God prepare for you in the workplace.

About Chaka

Getting saved in College completely transformed my life. Coming from a family who practiced Catholism, I knew nothing about true Christianity but I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling me to come.

I struggled many times trying to balance my faith and working in corporate america.  Sometimes feeling like I didn’t belong. But when God began leading me, he brought be back there, gave me favor, and my career grew exponentially.

Jesus is truly Lord over my life and my family. As the lillies of the field and the birds of the air toil not but is taken care of, I have been taken care of!



Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior. My Redeemer, My Strength, My Source, My CEO. I can do nothing without my Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


Building a legacy is important to me not only from a financial perspective but also healing generational trauma so my children and children’s children will continue to thrive.



My career ranges from corporate america to entrepreneurship. It’s the mechanism used to finance the kingdom and provide for my family.