So I prayed and asked God for a thing…a whole house!!!

Say what now?

You may be saying, “Me Too” but you don’t understand. I was living with my friend’s mom, my mentor, because I just came from leaving my apartment because I was tired of living from pay check to pay check…ok…ok…bump that, I was living on some credit cards too. One random day in October of 2014 I decided I wanted to buy a house. I didn’t know what that meant or how I would do it. I was operating under a motto “Feel the fear, do it anyway!” 

I had zero clue as to what I was doing but I was determined with all 650 points on my credit report. I looked in my closet and assessed all the luxury brand items I had acquired for next to nothing when I worked at the luxury e-commerce company. I mean Gucci, Jimmy, Herve, Giuseppe…they were all there looking back at me. (So no judgement zone…I should not have had all those things living on credit cards but the price I got them for, you would probably envy me!) I selected the ones I was ok to part with and I took pictures. Selling on two known online consignment stores, I made about $6000 in three weeks. YES! A whole $6000. As an example, I sold a Herve Leger dress that ran about $1400 for $700 and I paid only $25 for. Between my new side hustle and my income, I paid debt and put some in savings towards the downpayment for the house.

Next, I contacted someone I knew who already owned properties and they gave me this code to generating wealth…buy multi-family units, live in them and try to get the profit to at least $1000 monthly. Then once you acquire at least 3 properties, then buy your single family home. The profit you make from the rental units will pay for your single family home mortgage….MIND BLOWN! That was a great idea.

With hinds sight, I would have probably done more of my own research and applied for some grants to use towards the home but fun fact about me is I loathe doing research. It’s definitely not a good thing as I probably could have avoided some landlord pitfalls had I researched some more BUT I let life experience teach me and give me a few more grey hairs.

I proceeded to apply for a mortgage and got approved! Long story short, by February 2015, I closed on a three family home an a good neighborhood in New Jersey. 

How did I make that happen in a few short months, with not so great credit, and lots of debt on my credit cards? The favor of GOD! Many Christians don’t understand when we should wait on God and when we actually have to take action steps. It’s not easy to understand what God wants you to do next but I typically try to take some steps forward and remain in prayer to I can know when to stop, do a u-turn, or proceed full speed ahead.

Back in 2012, I was living in Harlem and looking for a church to attend for mid-week bible study. The truth is my income was not adequate for living alone in NY and I didn’t want to spend the money on gas and toll to attend my church in New Jersey. One day, while cleaning and playing a sermon on Youtube, I was talking to the Holy Spirit about leading me to a church. I heard a voice, as it the person was right in the room, “Stop trying to find church and find me and I will bring you great deliverance and healing.” 

I could not believe what I heard and I immediately dropped to my knees, thinking it was the devil and proceeded to text a fellow believer and friend. As I picked up the phone, the pastor in the sermon proceeded to explain why God kept her out of the church for 6 months. My jaw dropped and I no longer needed my friend’s confirmation. I believe this promise was one of the main factors that also led me to that very day when I signed the contract for my first home. God had truly began to heal me, my relationship with my family, and my relationship with money.

What was the last thing you heard God say to you?

Have asked him to lead you through the process?

Have to taken the steps to walk out your faith?

As we are seeking God, when we ask Him and He agrees…it’s time to WALK out that THING!

So what have you prayed for? What have you asked God for? And is your heart in line with His heart? If so, that’s when God gives you the desires of your heart so that His will will be done in your life and those around you.