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Heyyy…I’m Chaka

Prolific Lifestyle & Business Architect


Christ Believer * Mom * Tech Exec * Hair Stylist


Like you, the titles are endless…I am a believer of Christ Jesus, a boy mom, executive at a technology firm, cosmetologist for 25 years, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. I am a WOMAN, juggling a lot, enjoying wins, disappointed in losses, but CONTENT.

I would remise if I excluded my teenage years and jumped straight into my degree so let’s start there. I began braiding hair with a partner at the tender age of 12. Rocking a pager (pre-cellphones), we hung fliers in the neighborhood, built a clientele and were featured in braiding magazines. I excelled in school and though I always kept hair clients, I completed my bachelor degree in Management focused on Management Information Systems (basically technology and business). Landing my first job after college at one of the largest consulting firms, I successfully checked of many boxes on my list.

Fast forward, with multiple consulting firms under my belt, opening and closing my salon, I continue to have a love for technology and business. Being a black woman in tech, when there are few is both challenging and rewarding. Through it all, God’s faithfulness have proven to be true. Things were not ALL perfect but God took all the opportunities and worked on my character, build my love for him, and in turn increased my acceptance and love for myself!

So this blog, this site, is sharing pieces of me as God inspires. The pictures may look polished, but I am not perfect!

Follow Christ with me and let’s grow together!

Chaka’s Bio

Chaka Serrant is a Licensed Cosmetologist and a Management Consultant in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry Global Technology Consulting Firm. As a hair enthusiast, entrepreneur, Technology consultant, and mom, she is the founder of a life & business coaching company. With a holistic and innovative approach to innovation, Chaka is working to dispel the myth that women are one dimensional, we are both beauty and brains.

As a leader, public speaker, tech geek, and hair enthusiast, Chaka is inspiring a new definition by marrying tech and beauty. Her skillset ranges from helping companies implement new technologies to styling natural and chemically treated hair.  She has coached hundreds of women on hair regimens and good styling practices all while doing her day job in the fast-paced world of Tech.

Behind the Scenes

Just a few moments in my world!